Vegan in dushanbe: Persian Recipes REmade

We have created a vegan Persian cookbook to affirm and support vegans around the world, of all generations, countries, and ability, which grows from our own cultural and ethnic heritages, as well as the heritages of our dear friends and family. Persian food is typically heavy in meat and honey, which makes it a challenge to adapt to a vegan diet. At the same time, food has an important place in religious and cultural traditions, connecting people to their homelands and families. An inability to partake in community gatherings, holidays, or inter-generational gatherings presents a challenge to vegans. 


We seek support to expand our recipes and employ early career graphic designers, cooks, writers, translators, and photographers from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan (countries that span former Persia).

 We have known many first and second generation individuals who are unable to participate in meaningful family dinners because they are vegan, and have heard many stories of how this separation distances them from their family and culture. With your support, we can re-create Persian dishes with the goal of helping vegans across their Persian heritages– Afghani, Iranian, Pakistani, Tajiki, and Uzbek—continue to enjoy, participate, and partake in their culinary traditions.

Why Persia?