Vegan in dushanbe: Persian Recipes REmade

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While we have an awesome team and love to work on our passions (making culinary traditions accessable to all audiences), it takes a lot of time, money, and energy to get ingredients, test recipes, write instructions, take pictures, make an ebook, and maintaina  a webstie (whew!). Therefore, we would be grateful for any support for the project.

You can support us by buying an EPUB or MOBI ebook format on Amazon, or donaing to our GoFundMe.

As an important component of culture, community, and memory, food is often considered a tie that connects people to their homelands, yet some food heritages are heavy in animal products. Vegans should not face an additional barrier in maintaining their culture! To solve this, we made a vegan cookbook that re-creates Persian dishes with all-vegan ingredients.

Our project has been supported by the wonderful Awesome Vegan Foundation!

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